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Hi I’m Tara, I’m a classically trained Chef, Holistic Nutritionist, Dj and founder of the Plant Powered Success System.

Through my step by step system, I teach ambitious women who want to transition to a plant-based lifestyle how to plan and prepare flavourful, nutritious, plant-based meals that keep them feeling full & satisfied so that they can reclaim their energy, feel confident in their body and in the kitchen!

I know first hand, the struggle of transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle. I decided at age 13, that I no longer wanted to eat meat. For many years after that, I was what I would now consider a junk food vegetarian. As we can imagine, ‘vegan food’ wasn’t really a thing in the mid-90’s!

As the years went on and I settled into my busy professional career as both a Chef and a Dj, I knew that my health was taking a toll. I was overweight, depressed and suffering from IBS, chronic fatigue, a constantly throbbing head and skin blemishes. I could obviously feel that something was ‘off’ but, I thought that I was doing my best to eat ‘healthy.’ That’s when I knew that I had to get real with myself.

So, I decided to get smart about nutrition. Why did eating ‘healthy’ not work for me? What was I doing wrong? Why was I getting bigger? Why wasn’t my skin clearing up? So many questions.

Answering these questions created THE lightbulb moment I was looking for. Learning about proper plant-based nutrition and how to cook flavourful, nutritious meals was what got me thriving, again.

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